A friend once asked me “What kind of photographer do you want to be?”

I smiled and just said “I just want to be a photographer – no limitations nor exceptions.”


My love for photography is beyond definition.  It all started back in 1994 when my Mom asked me to take a photo of her and my Dad when we were at an amusement park.  I can still remember the very first time I peeked at the viewfinder and trying to balance everything so that my parents will fit in that small rectangular frame.  Since then I worshiped our Kodak compact film camera.  I would go with my Mom to have our films developed and stare at the negatives trying to figure out how on earth did the photos end on paper. It was just so magical for me.

I created this photoblog to show my portfolio to clients and to share to people everything I see through the lens. I also do free photography lessons to those who want to learn the art.

Everyone can be a photographer.  It just takes time, dedication, resources and practice to be one.

So hold your breath. Press that button. Capture that moment and preserve it forever.



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