Stop Motion

The first time I ever saw a stop-motion video was during a lazy Sunday back in 2009.  It was during summer vacation and I was sitting pretty in our couch while watching MTV when Oren Lavie’s music video for the song “Her morning elegance” showed up.

I was stunned.

The clockwork in my head started turning trying to figure out how on earth they produced the music video.  I watched it intently and later realized that it was just a sequence of pictures that made it up.  So I immediately turned on my computer and made a little research on Google.  The term “stop motion” showed up on screen.

I grabbed my camera and tripod to start my own experiment.  I told myself “this should be easy!”  I had no idea it was going to be one of the longest afternoons I would ever have in my entire life.

I started walking around trying to look for a subject.  While I was at the back of our house, I came across our incubator for our chicken’s eggs.  I noticed that some eggs already hatched so I decided to set up my camera in front of the incubator.  We have a lot of chickens at home and we tend to breed them.






I enjoyed watching the cute baby chicks while taking their pictures.  But what was amazing about that experience was when all the eggs started to hatch in front of me.

Yes, I am now a mommy to more than 20 little chicks! (or hens I should say)

photo (1)

Basically, what you need is a camera, tripod and a subject.  But before you start shooting you must make a sketch (or even just an idea in your mind) as a cheat sheet so that you’ll be on track while taking pictures.  You will need a screenplay to guide you with the scenes.

Make sure that your camera and tripod is in place.  The general rule here is to set your camera and tripod in the exact position for the entire duration of the recording process.

Once you’re done taking all the photos you need, the editing part will follow.  The beautiful thing about making a stop motion video is that you don’t need a complicated video editing program to make one.  You can use simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or even free online video editors.  All you need to do is arrange the photos in the proper order and that’s it!  You may add a background music and adjust the speed of the transition of the photos based on the beat of the music you chose.

So try it on your own!  It doesn’t have to be long and complex.  It could be a stop motion video about your pet, the character figures you decorate in your room, your friends having fun outdoors or it could be all about you.






Making a stop motion video through the use of photos is fun and time consuming.  But once your video is done, trust me; it’ll all be worth the effort!


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