Travel Writing Scholarship

Since I’ve just posted a few minutes ago about the Invisible Photographer Asia Awards 2013, I feel like I’m in the mood of sharing another online competition announcement.

The is conducting a Travel Writing Scholarship which will take the winner to Beijing for a two-week mission to experience and discover the culture of China and undergo a writing mentorship with Rough Guides writer Martin Zatko and international travel journalist Kit Gillet.

This contest is open to all non-professional writers, ages 18 and above.

In order to join, you must write an essay composed of 2500 characters or less about the following themes:

  1. Catching a moment
  2. Understanding a culture through food
  3. A local encounter that changed my perspective
  4. Sharing stories – A glimpse into another’s life

Scholarshippromopost2All entries should be submitted in English.  To get started, fill up an entry form through this link:

To know more about the contest details, you may visit this page

or simply visit to find out more scholarship opportunities.


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