Wedding photography

It’s the love month.

It’s the time of the year again when chocolates are in high demand, people wear couple shirts, men lines up at flower shops, women shopping with sparkling eyes and it just seems that everyone agrees to wear red every single day.

Oh love!

Well then, that makes this month the most appropriate time to talk about wedding photography!


Never in my wildest dream as a photographer did I ever imagine that I’ll be given the chance to work as a wedding photographer.  It started late last year when I met this great photographer – Jon Tolentino.

Jon added me in Facebook and when I saw his profile he looked really familiar and I thought I already knew him.  We also had some friends in common and so I added him.  When he sent me a message asking how much is my professional fee as a photographer, my heart skipped a beat.

Then it was a long history of exchange of emails that happened and in the end he invited me to join his team.

I was so thrilled about the idea of working with a professional wedding photographer.  I checked out his website and saw how incredible his works are and I just couldn’t wait to get started.

There are a lot of things that makes wedding photography really challenging.

First, you have to be really quick and attentive.  Beautiful moments will just pass you by if you’re not fast enough to capture it.  You also have to be swift in adjusting your settings in case you have to.


For example, you are inside the church taking photos then it’s time to go outside and wait for the couple.  The settings of your camera will be different once you start taking pictures outside because there’s more light compensation outside the church; given the conditions that you are shooting during the day in manual mode.

You also have to take photos of details during the wedding.  The wedding rings, invitations, cake, flowers, decorations, love notes, souvenirs or even the paintings on the wall.  However small the detail may be, take a picture of it.  Once you start compiling your photos, these details will add up like pieces of a puzzle that was part of the wedding.


A diamond studded brooch on a Vera Wang wedding gown.

A diamond studded brooch on a Vera Wang wedding gown

Wedding rings

Dress comfortably and appropriately.  I actually learned this the hard way during my first assignment with Jon.  I could no longer walk with my 4-inch heels and I had to go home to change my shoes into something more comfortable.

The key here is to wear something that will make you look as if you are one of the guests and at the same time comfortable enough that you can move with ease while taking pictures.  At first I thought it would be alright to wear what I usually do: plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans & sneakers.  According to Jon, presentation is very important.  During a wedding, you’ll be facing not only your clients but also future clienteles.  That’s why you should be properly dressed for the occasion and don’t forget to bring that business card too!


Besides creativity, working as a photographer during weddings would require a great amount of stamina.  You’ll be taking pictures from the time when everybody is still preparing until the time when everyone goes home.  The day would be longer and could be really exhausting.  Weather conditions will be terribly unpredictable and this could change how you envisioned your shots for the event.


But despite the uncontrollable factors that makes wedding photography arduous, I love being a wedding photographer!  It’s difficult and gratifying all at the same time.

Currently our team continues to travel to different places across the country.  Besides the technical aspect it’s truly a wonderful experience to work and travel with people whom you share the same pursuits with.

For me, every wedding becomes a new opportunity to learn something new.  I’m still a rookie.  But I’m not afraid.  In fact, this inspires me more to learn as much as I can.


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    • You’re welcome Sarah! I’m glad this post was somehow informative. I just started this blog and I’m still trying to fill it up. By the way, I can see in your website that you’re a great photographer. Good luck and keep it up! :)

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